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Updated: Feb 13

Dear B&P Sister,

As you may know, I am a Candidate for Governor of the Southeast District..

I extend this personal invitation to you for a ZOOM discussion scheduled on February 13, 2024, at 6 pm (CDT) and 7 pm (EST) to share my vision for our Supreme District with you.

This event will be an excellent opportunity for us to connect, listen to your concerns, embrace your ideas and aspirations, and learn about my plans to lead the SED as we boldly step into the future – together.

I look forward to our discussion and hope you will join me for what will  be an impactful conversation. Thank you in advance for considering my invitation. 

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Meeting ID: 829 4614 9904; Passcode 408577

Best regards,

Nikki Baker

Candidate For SED Governor

Learn More About Nikki Baker on LinkedIn

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